Patents and Utility Models
promote innovations and protect inventions in all technical areas. The proprietor obtains an exclusive right to exploit his invention and gains an economical benefit. Based upon long-term experience, CPW GmbH can assist you in protecting your ideas and developments, to avoid costly parallel developments and infringements on third party’s rights. Thus, you can safeguard a strong position of your company in a modern and rapidly changing market and among increasing competition.

give orientation and facilitate decision for customers and consumers in today’s huge amount of offers. A distinctive mark provides a strong relation between you and your customers and is an important indication both to the quality and the reliable origin of a product, a service or a company.

Design Models
can protect the appearance of a product or a construction and complete the safeguarding of your IP portfolio.

More over
our experts possess profound and high-level knowledge in all relevant fields of infringement, license contracts, confidentiality and distribution agreements as well as monitoring.